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My beautiful soon-to-wife , I know right now things ain’t what they was and believe me they will not stay this way 💯 . I just wanna tell the world that no matter what they think they know or see . You a real one cause you are holding me down through this very hard and trying times in my life 😷 and just for that I love you 💕 . I been wit many other chicks that would never deal wit all the shit that you have dealt with because of me . I might not be where I wanna be as a women but just know I will become that person that I hope you see me being 😘 anyways I just wanna tell you I love you hella and can’t no one take your place ever ! And in that order lol 😎✔️ (at Miami VA Healthcare System)

My babies ! 😍💕😘#King & #Queen .

My baby just got back from school tho !!! 📓✏️ #smartKing #babylove 😍😍 (at Miami Stadium)

We out here 😘 #thewife #WCE (at Dadeland Mall)

Our first #ussie 😘 @sammy_sweetheart2 . The wife in our new city !! 🏀🔥 #Heatlifer (via @shots) (at Let’s Make a Daiquiri at Bayside)

My babies !! 😘😘 and mum dukes ! #MiamiHeat . #WeMadeIt #myloves (at DeVry University - Miami Center)

Add me ( xKinkyvampirax ) #PS3 Current situation tho #NBA2K14 I been trynna go to #MiamiHeat 🔥🔥🔥 but this game is always sending elsewhere ! #HoustonRockets 1⃣✔️

It was so hot tho !! 🚗💨💨💨 (at Go-Karts Plus)

Happy Birthday baby , #photobomb in my pic lol 😘 I won the races tho !!!! 😁 (at Go-Karts Plus)

Bout to eat some #seafood for the bae’s birthday ! 😘 this the #bornday outfit I wore , Ms. Thickems for the wife 💕 (at Captain George Williamsburg, VA)

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